About Us

Working together

We’re collaborative to the core so you get a training solution that’s designed to work specifically for your organisation.

A simple but effective process

Our priority is to get really clear on what your training programme needs to achieve, plus the time and budget available to deliver it. With that in mind, we can offer you a meaningful and cost-effective solution that brings out the best in your people.

Our Team

Getting to know you

This first step is one we never rush. After all, if we don’t really understand your goals, we’d never be able to give you the advice and support you need to reach them.

Personal and professional

Once we know where your people need extra support, we can create an engaging training experience that also covers the key principles of effective Learning & Development.


Learning that sticks

The training environment is where the magic happens. Actually, it’s less about magic and much more about delivering a collaborative and refreshingly effective way of learning, in person or remotely.


Measuring success

Monitoring and evaluation are built into the process so you’ll always know how your people are doing and have tangible evidence of what your investment has achieved.

A good return on expectations (ROE)

Evaluating the ROE is a process of converting the expectations of your stakeholders into measurable outcomes. We’ll tell you about the overall impact of the training you’ve delivered, over and above your Return on Investment (ROI).

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How we measure ROE

We use the New World Kirkpatrick Model to design and monitor our learning programmes. It evaluates the impact of a training programme by looking at the Reaction, Learning, Behaviour, and Results of the participants. This creates what’s known as a ‘chain of evidence’. It shows you the value of the learning to your bottom line.

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As certified Kirkpatrick model practitioners we can give you:

  • A process for turning learning into success
  • Evidence that your outcomes and objectives have been met
  • Recommendations for Continued Professional Development (CPD)

A strategy for success

Simply delivering the learning is not enough. We also review the process, analyse the results and let the data do the talking.

It will tell you whether your training objectives have been met and places a true value on your investment. It also helps you steer your learning strategy for the future and lays the foundations for sustainable organisational growth.

Benefits of monitoring and evaluation


Monitoring and evaluating progress tells you exactly how well your learning solutions are doing


You can see exactly where your training programmes are working most effectively


Data validates and helps you evolve your decision-making around L&D


A proven learning strategy improves performance, an essential for organisational growth

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