How tomorrow’s technology helps learning today

tomorrows technology
At Cognitas Global we want to change the way people learn. We collaborate with employers to improve performance, using innovative and effective technology to help recruit, retrain, and reskill workers.
Learning journey today

We create learning journeys that can involve customised training content, crisis management scenarios and complex assessments, including gap analysis. Whatever the technique or channel, we ensure learning needs are managed with expertise and executed with agility and efficiency at an affordable cost.

Investing in employee professional development can improve motivation, build confidence, and promote transformational change. The challenge lies in how to upskill and retrain effectively, maintaining interest and focus when often they are disengaged with Zoom (or similar) and where IT based learning management systems (LMS) cannot deliver the transition of skills and knowledge required effectively.

Developing tomorrow’s talent

We understand the challenges of developing successful learning and attracting new talent for tomorrow. Cognitas Global’s clients’ needs range from crisis management and business continuity planning to compliance and HR. We connect teams, training and assessing widely displaced workforces.

Our public and education sector clients benefit from bespoke skills gap analysis, investigative and insider threat training. They achieve real results from immersive learning solutions using our View360 Global platform. These benefits were brought into sharp focus during pandemic-induced travel restrictions.

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Blending old and new

We can assist you in delivering a fully interactive learning experience that positively engages your audience and supports their progress, both individually and as part of a team. We blend the old in-person class-based experience in safe, controlled environments with new immersive technology which fully engages learners.

Whether training people in the private, public or third sectors, our multilingual cloud-based platform offers collaborative and experiential learning. It can deliver training to more people, cost effectively. The technology has user-friendly functionality and offers a simple and versatile solution to ensure that the design and delivery of your training is a rewarding experience.

Opportunity for growth

We have the expertise to help you create a clear learning and development strategy to attract and retain talent. We thrive in delivering ground-breaking and sustainable blended learning solutions. We’re proud to achieve desired outcomes that can be tracked and measured.

We have well established learning and development credentials providing critical expertise to meet your training needs. Our ambition is to grow through fostering new partnerships and embracing evolving learning technology.

What next?

Experience for yourself how we reach and engage more remote learners. Why not book a free no obligation demo of our cloud based multilingual learning platform? You’ll understand the full advantage of accessing our technology anytime, anywhere. Cognitas Global, providing ‘tomorrows learning today’.