Rethinking immersive learning


At Cognitas Global we’re driving a transformative shift in learning and development. Our multilingual immersive training platform View360Global™ is prompting global organisations to rethink their training needs.

Changing the way we learn

Whether you’re tasked to test and develop complex decision-making skills or bring together multilingual learners across multiple locations, our versatile platform will meet your needs.

View360Global means more training can be achieved for less. Our cloud-based platform delivers ground-breaking and sustainable blended learning solutions, at an affordable cost.

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Crisis, continuity, compliance

We create customised training scenarios. Our View360Global platform is used extensively in regulated and public sector environments. Its application spans education, law enforcement and corporate sectors.

Our corporate clients’ needs range from crisis management and business continuity planning to compliance and HR. Our public and education sector clients benefit from bespoke skills gap analysis, investigative and insider threat training

Accredited credentials and expertise

Cognitas Global has well established learning and development credentials providing the critical expertise to meet your training needs. We have a four principle approach to immersive learning – ASPIRE, ANALYSE, APPLY and ACHIEVE.

We’re on hand to help you design and deliver a meaningful facilitated learning experience that engages your audience and supports their progress, either individually or as part of a team, no matter where they are located.

Best practice business continuity

EIP, a leading global Insurtech provider, wanted to test its existing business continuity plans and raise awareness internally about a potential cyberattack.

We led their operational and strategic teams through a remotely delivered real-time immersive exercise to test how their plan would respond to a credible threat. Read more…

Critical incidents on track

Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure. The safety of its passengers is paramount. We designed and delivered a range of immersive learning and critical incident training to its top-level executives and CEO.

We then undertook accredited training for prospective Tactical and Rail Incident Commanders using the View360 Global™ platform as an assessment tool. Read more…

We’ll take your lead

We’ll provide expertise to turn your objectives into a successful strategy step by step. Here’s how.

  • Create bespoke training content and deliver an immersive learning experience on our platform
  • Connect and bring together your teams and people from remote locations worldwide
  • Monitor real time visibility of participants’ progress to enable responsive facilitation
  • Capture all elements of the training in native and translated languages

We’ll listen, advise and support to help you find the best solution

In-house training facilities

We have our own virtual training suite, available to use for your delivery. Our facility incorporates dedicated video conferencing hardware and a reliable high-speed internet connection. We provide that much needed reassurance to all our clients.

Our future-proof technology allows us to successfully deliver a diverse range of immersive learning programmes using our View360 Global™ platform anywhere in the world. We’re set up to facilitate learning experiences to engage your audience and support their continued progress.

We’ll bring immersive learning to you

We’ll help you rethink your learning and development needs. Our team are on hand to book a free no obligation demo and consultation online or visit us at our virtual training suite. Reach out to us today or call +44 (0) 1474 555 507.