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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Immersive investigation training for Madagascan law enforcement

The Challenge

Our client Christian Plowman of Cops Without Borders, has provided training globally to a number of organisations and like many, international delivery by him in person has been compromised by COVID. His client, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Madagascar were keen to continue training to the Islands Government agencies to ensure skills and development were maintained. The challenge was to deliver training to participants collocated in a training environment in Madagascar in a style similar to that as delivered in person. Christian delivered the 5 day training in the French language.

Our solution

The multi camera technology available in the Cognitas virtual training suite located in Kent, England enabled active delivery by the Subject Matter Expert using blended learning methods via the inbuilt video conferencing functionality of the view360global platform. The participants had all elected the French language option on the login to view360global enabling them to type in their chosen language, which enabled to Christian monitor their real time responses in English and (French if selected) as he then went on to debrief the participants in French.

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The results

Over 30 participants were trained in the 5-day period from our suite using the view360global platform. The participants’ feedback indicted that the learning objectives had been achieved and the participants provided very positive comments regarding the personal delivery by Christian and the positive experience that they had enjoyed learning on the platform. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust were equally satisfied with the feedback and that they had been able to continue with their programme of assistance to the Madagascan authorities, despite the challenges of COVID.

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