The Challenge

Our client provides regular training for various Isle Of Man (IOM) Government Departments and the financial sector. Their company was required to deliver a series of immersive critical incident response scenarios for the IOM Ship Registry, compliance training for the financial sector and a cybersecurity workshop for SME private sector companies.

How We Assisted

Collaborating closely with EXPOL and their established clients, we co designed and delivered a series of independent and well attended blended learning training events, where the immersive scenarios and media content were specifically designed to meet the operational needs of the diverse beneficiary organisations.

What Was Achieved

By delivering meaningful training using View360™  Global for EXPOL’s clients we were able to provide them with a style of training that had not been experienced before by the participants. The consolidated experiential learning achieved and enjoyed by the participants evidenced value for money returned repeat business for EXPOL who continue to use the platform in their training programs.

" The use of View360™ Global engendered genuine interest with our Clients, who were able to experience something quite unique in the classroom. This software had never been seen before by anyone and proved an instant hit with the audience, who were totally engaged and eager to participate in the workshop. At its conclusion, they left having enjoyed a thoroughly new method of learning. Its flexible, adaptable and has the potential to revolutionise the training environment. We highly recommend it. We will definitely be working with this in the future "
- Rob Kinrade CEO, Expol

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