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HMRC Counter Fraud Academy

Delivery of a digital learning solution for HMRC Counter Fraud Academy

The challenge

We were engaged in 2020 by the HMRC Counter Fraud Academy (CFA) to provide a dynamic digital learning solution to train their Criminal Investigators. The CFA develop and deliver training for professionals working in various areas of the Fraud Investigation Service. These are complex roles with enormous responsibility.

Our solution

We provided training and ongoing support to the CFA’s experienced facilitators, helping them make the most of our view360global platform as part of their extensive training and services programme for UK-based investigators. We’ve also been working with the delivery team on an ongoing basis, improving the product through various upgrades.

The results

Our platform has been successfully used to deliver an immersive training programme to Officers, presenting participants with a set of problems akin to those they might experience at work. The view360global platform has provided a learning environment where decisions and actions have consequences, but participants continue to practice safely, developing their knowledge, skills, decision making and confidence in the process.

A proven track record

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