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Asset Recovery Training in Croatia

The challenge

Our sister company AML Consulting Global was tasked to train 20 Asset Recovery Practitioners from seven countries in Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans together with representatives from Ukraine, in the subject areas of international cooperation and mutual legal assistance.

The 4-day training course was conducted in Dubrovnik in November 2022 and was to incorporate a 2-day facilitated practical exercise, where the challenge was for the practitioners to participate in 6 different languages simultaneously.

Our solution

We assisted by designing an experiential learning exercise for delivery on our  view360global platform where the practitioners could read the user interface text and media injects in their individual languages. They were then able to write their responses in their own languages which were immediately translated into English for the facilitators using the platform’s in-built multilingual functionality.

OSCE training

The results

This was yet another occasion when a multinational participation exercise of this nature with participation in native languages could not have otherwise been delivered without the use view360global technology.

The most significant proven benefit on this (and other) course was that not only did it fully engage people in an immersive experience, but it enabled sharing of skills, knowledge and cultural experience between practitioners in circumstances that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve.

A proven track record

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