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Public Sector Fraud Authority

Immersive learning for Counter Fraud Investigator Apprentices

The challenge

Cognitas Global was invited by the Government’s Public Sector Fraud Authority (PSFA) to design a short immersive exercise that could be delivered to Counter Fraud Investigator Apprentices at its conference held in Birmingham in May 2023. The objective was to demonstrate how experiential learning using innovative technology could enable multi agency participants to collaborate and share knowledge and good practice as they investigated a simulated fraud case.

Our solution

We created an experiential learning exercise utilising our view360global learning platform to deliver a complex scenario which immersed participants into an evolving case of tenancy fraud, identity theft, brothel keeping and money laundering.

Participants were organised into groups and the view360global platform was then used to deliver realistic pieces of evidence and intelligence from which the teams had to process and analyse what was happening. They then used the platform to document their investigation strategy and rationale. Progress was observed in real time by Subject Matter Experts who were then able to provide timely and focused feedback during plenary sessions.

The results

Over 30 learners participated in the workshop providing feedback that was overwhelmingly positive. Delegates commented that they enjoyed the hands-on approach compared to just being lectured to and that working through a scenario with the multi agency group had enabled them to collaborate and learn from others. The efficacy of using the view360global platform was demonstrated as a fraud investigation training tool.

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