Anti-Corruption Training in The Western Balkans


The Challenge

The RAI has a responsibility to deliver technical assistance in the area of anti-corruption (AC) to its 9 South East European country members as part of its funded training programs.

Through our  long affiliation with RAI, we were asked to design immersive anti corruption training events to be delivered for multinational participants in their own language at the RAI Annual Summer School for AC Practitioners (2019) and at two multi country workshops held in Albania and North Macedonia in late 2019.

How We Assisted

Our practitioner Subject Matter Experts worked closely with the RAI staff to design training for the Summer School and the two country workshops that reached across all participating nation states in terms of relevance, language and authenticity of the content as it related to regional corruption typologies. We had between 18 – 25 participants attend each event who were able to experience training that had never previously been delivered in the region by such a platform.

What Was Achieved

Training multi country participants in interactive exercises had always been limited by language challenges, for example time taken to translate all inputs and consequently blended learning has always been hard to deliver.

By using View360™ Global to deliver scenarios lasting between 1 and 2 days, we were able to train representatives from 11 countries who were all able to participate in their native language, something that had never previously been possible, and something which has now opened up new opportunities for international donors when designing projects and training delivery programs.

" The participants especially emphasised and highly evaluated the interactive exercise on the innovative method the immersive platform, View360 Global™, which enabled them to work simultaneously on a concrete case on mutual legal assistance in their own language translated to the facilitators in English. The presentations and sessions were well planned with appropriate and well selected materials. The delivery of the training was noted as effective and the participants' expectations as fulfilled. "
- Aneta Arnaudovska, AC Expert, RAI