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Scotland’s Railway

A COP26 preparedness and resilience exercise for Scotland’s Railway and stakeholders

The challenge

Scotland’s Railway is made up of around 150 organisations and suppliers across the Scottish rail industry. In 2021, ahead of the COP26 event being held in Glasgow from October to November, it wanted to test its preparedness and resilience should anything happen to significantly disrupt its operations during that period.

Our solution

Working with our partners at Colin Morgan Consulting and the relevant stakeholders, we co-designed and delivered a one-day immersive and experiential learning exercise using our view360global platform to simulate situations with potentially disruptive potential.

The event was hosted in Glasgow and attended by over 60 stakeholder representatives who actively took part, sharing expertise and developing their capacity to mitigate potential threats to the business.

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The results

The event was deemed a big success. The client was pleased with the level of engagement and the synergy between the various stakeholder organisations as they dealt with the various crisis-related incidents together.

Equally, because employees had prepared in advance, they delivered a high level of service to their customers during the COP26 event itself.

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