Ship Registry - Isle of Man

Testing emergency response in crisis management  

The Challenge

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is one of the world’s leading registers of ships and super yachts and has the responsibility for investigating any safety matters relating to incidents or emergencies relating to casualties. Very Serious Marine Casualties include, the loss of a ship, loss of life or severe environmental damage. As part of their operations, they regularly test their response to critical incidents and emergencies.

We had the pleasure of being invited by Cameron Mitchell (Director) to co design and deliver a third exercise for them that would challenge the Ship Registry Management Team and their Senior Surveyors (Qualified Marine Casualty Investigators) in dealing with a number of critical incidents and emergency situations on IOM registered vessels at sea.

How We Assisted

Working with EXPOL Ltd who are our partners in the IOM and a former Ship Registry Investigator, we designed and delivered an immersive event that dealt with a number of incidents that included an environmental disaster, a passenger ferry running aground and an explosion on a vessel in the Indian Ocean, all of which were designed to test the emergency response of Mr Mitchell’s team.

What Was Achieved

The exercise was delivered and co facilitated remotely using our View360 Global platform from our dedicated training room in Kent to the participants who were located in various locations in the Isle of man and mainland UK. The participants were able to make critical decisions in a safe learning environment which were then discussed in joint debriefing sessions all leading to ensuring their response met with the high standards of the Registry.

" The Ship Registry is committed to continue to improve its emergency response to that one incident where we do need it and the platform (View360Global) is a perfect tool for that. The ability to be able to make critical decisions, then review, discuss with the trainer in London, with colleagues in our offices and with other staff at home worked very well, and was very successful "
- Cameron Mitchell, Director, Isle of Man Ship Registry