Smartdesc Ltd

Cybercrime Training in London for the Charity Sector

The Challenge

Smartdesc provide IT Strategy, Data Protection and Support services to the Not for Profit sector.

Smartdesc had identified that a number of SME Charities were vulnerable to cyber attack and wished to co-host a pro bono educational training workshop where an immersive exercise would be delivered alongside a presentation from their IT experts in order to broaden the participants knowledge and awareness of IT Security best practices.

How We Assisted

We worked closely with Andrew Coyle, Head of Information Security, and James Field, Strategy Director at Smartdesc, to build a ransomware attack scenario that was designed to educate the participants around the threat, response and building preventative measures, policy and resilience.

Some 21 representatives from SME charities attended the half day workshop where a 2-hour exercise was delivered followed by a presentation.

What Was Achieved

Delivering the exercise on the platform without any pre warning of what to expect highlighted a significant number of vulnerabilities in the sector where many of the SMEs did not have the resources or knowledge of larger companies to mitigate cyberthreats. The participants were universal in their praise for the benefits of the workshop and the technical advice offered by Smartdesc, indicating that they were intending to implement what assistance had been offered.

" The Cognitas platform enabled us to simulate what a real ransomware attack might look and feel like; we could then challenge the delegates to make decisions that directly affected the outcome. This made the session feel very real, so the delegates were immersed in the training and got the maximum benefit from it. The feedback was outstanding "
- James Field, Customer Strategy Director

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