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Civil Society Sector

Supporting those at the humanitarian edge

Civil society plays a vital role in the advancement of sustainable development goals and all global socio-economic ambitions. We continue to step up in support of organisations within this field providing accredited learning solutions grounded in our own social conscience philosophy.

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Internal and external crisis management

In recent years, the unlawful actions of certain employees and volunteers has damaged the reputation of some civil society organisations.

We can work with you at a strategic level to model and mitigate this kind of risk. And this support extends to helping your teams prepare for the impact of external crises too: humanitarian challenges such as conflict or pandemics that they may be engaged with.

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Protecting and developing your people

Civil society organisations have a duty of care to protect their staff, volunteers and anyone involved with their work. Our learning solutions help embed safeguarding guidelines firmly within your organisation.

We’re also a potential partner when it comes to CPD. Through our collaborative learning environments, online or in-person, your teams can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. It also sends a message that you’ve got their backs: invaluable for those who spend so many working hours focused on supporting others.

A proven track record

Success is measured by problems solved and with our diverse client list, there’s no ‘one solution fits all’. Find out more about how we work…

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