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Innovative training solutions for learning institutions

Threats to staff or children, the minefield of policy and regulatory requirements and the ongoing need for staff training and development – it’s a lot to navigate. Our cost-effective learning solutions can help you do it.

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Plan and prepare for any eventuality

How you respond in a crisis affects may not only impact on the safety of pupils and staff, but also your reputation and ability to recover. A cyberattack, for example, could compromise the security of your data and your own management systems, as well as your pupils’ ability to learn.

We can help you teach your people about data protection or safeguarding – simply tell us where the extra skills are needed. Together, we can then create an engaging, immersive training experience that allows participants to ‘learn safely’, share knowledge and reflect on best-practice.

A crisis management tool at your fingertips

Incident360 is our latest tool that puts your crisis management plan into an accessible and user-friendly format for when it’s really needed.

Bespoke to your organisation and with a management portal for easy updating, it is there to assist your team respond to and manage crisis events collaboratively.

  • Put your crisis management plan within easy reach of all those who need it
  • Essential information for dealing with incidents
  • Detailed check lists providing guidance for team members
  • Provides the Incident Manager with a real time feed of actions taken during an event

Ticking the necessary boxes

Complying with statutory guidance is a priority. Our accredited training come with downloadable decision logs that show your leadership and management teams are meeting their obligations.

And when it comes to CPD, we’ve got that covered too. Our bespoke, facilitator-led programmes allow you to evidence and evaluate management and implementation skills. It means growth and improved performance are more than just subjective.

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Success is measured by problems solved and with our diverse client list, there’s no ‘one solution fits all’. Find out more about how we work…

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