Immersive Learning

 The benefits of bringing immersive learning to your organisation

Immersive learning takes real situations and allows the learner to control the outcome; connecting with realistic experiences in a safe environment.

By allowing room for mistakes, the learner can practice making decisions and understand the effects before applying them to real life.


Immersive learning that can transcend national boundaries provides new opportunities to share skills and knowledge.

Safe Learning

The digital immersive experience enables learners to practice and perfect skills in a safe learning environment.

Cognitive Load

Learners quickly assimilate complex information resulting in increased knowledge, reasoning, and critical thinking, thereby reducing cognitive load.

Increase Retention

Information presented in mixed reality is retained much more efficiently which is reflected in improved learning outcomes.


Immersive learning allows the breakthrough of emotional barriers, enabling learners to experience the perspective of others and build crucial empathy skills.

Increased Performance

Evaluation of immersive and experiential learning has consistently evidenced improved performance and results.

" Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it. "
- Professor D. A. Kolb’s theory of experiencial learning

Immersive media - bringing creativity to life

Immersive refers to the mental state of begin completely absorbed or engaged with an activity. It is a powerful vehicle for identity and knowledge transfer, both of which are crucial factors affecting learning outcomes.



The quality of the mixed media will determine the level of immersion

Our design team can produce bespoke digital content and immersive media (IM) for clients and practitioners to ensure that by blending real world with authentic digital content, learners experience true reality.

Using the latest design software programmes, we can create IM such as video, documents, photographs and audio to ensure that the learning is truly enhanced by providing the information and knowledge in a real and stimulating way.