Measuring Success

Delivering transformational change throughout learning

Simply delivering the learning is not enough. The measurement and analysis of recorded data is critical for laying the foundations of sustainable organisational growth.

In order to know whether your learning strategy is having a positive impact – and meeting your learning and development objectives – reviewing the process and analysing the results is essential.



Measuring the impact of the learning through data collection and analysis will provide:


Gain complete clarity on how well your learning solutions are working


Measure and report on the effectivness of your chosen solution


Validate and evolve your decision-making around the learning strategy


Lay the foundations for sustainable organisational growth

Multilingual data capture

Real-time monitoring enables the facilitator to review participants’ progress during the learning experience – and afterwards, the record of activity provides clear evidence that desired outcomes have been met.

View360 Global™ captures the learning activity in native language and translated formats. This creates a comprehensive record in MS Word format allowing for in-depth analysis of both performance and results.

Whether evidencing an individual’s progress or the success of a group activity, the data records can be used by external auditing agencies for quality assurance purposes if you need to provide proof of learning outcomes. This is vital if the training is part of an accredited learning process.

These records have been approved as suitable for internal and External Quality assurance processes by the Skills for Justice Awards Body. Read More 

Assessing return on expectations (ROE)

A successful training initiative delivers a return on expectations to its key business stakeholders.

Adopting a practitioner approach to creating and demonstrating the organisational value of training demonstrates the degree to which expectations have been satisfied.

New World Kirkpatrick Model

We use the established New World Kirkpatrick model to measure your ROE.

This is one of a number of proven methodologies that we employ for the measurement of data as part of our consultancy services


As certified Kirkpatrick model practitioners we can provide:

  • A full analysis of training you’ve delivered
  • Evidence of achieving outcomes and objectives
  • Recommendations for continued professional development

Want to find out more about the Kirkpatrick Model click here