Experiential Learning

Traditional teaching has its place but learning by involving bridges the gap between theory and practice, turning knowledge into positive action.

How it works

Experiential learning takes a real-life situation and lets participants get their hands dirty in finding a solution – and then reviewing and talking about what they did.

Learners can make mistakes, risk free, and by combining self-directed action with reflection, these immersive experiences embed new learning into memory.

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Knowledge and skills are organically shared within the group, creating a rich resource of diverse perspectives.

Safe learning

An immersive digital experience allows learners to practice and perfect skills, without fear of repercussion.

Knowledge uptake

Participants process complex information more quickly, increasing knowledge, reasoning and critical thinking.

Increased retention

Mixed media presents information in a way that makes it easier to remember, resulting in more valuable learning.

Diverse reach

Collaboration breaks down barriers, introducing learners to people who think differently. Through this comes the essential skill of empathy.

Improved performance

The results speak for themselves. If you want more agility and proficiency within your organisation, experiential learning can make it happen.

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“Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.”

Professor D. A. Kolb’s theory of experiential learning

The power of experiential learning

Imagine being completely absorbed or engaged in an activity. That’s the state created by the immersive learning experiences that our platform supports. It’s a powerful vehicle for knowledge transfer: a key factor in the professional growth of your people.

Our platform
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Learning for success and sustainability

Simulating reality turns learning into a full body experience, evoking emotions alongside the intellect. It’s more engaging which has a direct impact on how much your teams learn, but it also creates stronger connections between those taking part. That brings more confidence and commitment: invaluable assets to any organisation.

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