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Policy & Compliance

Critical business training solutions

If your organisation needs to prove that you’ve complied with mandatory training in the areas of policy, regulation, and legislation, our View360Global platform can help.

Below are some of the areas in which we offer Policy & Compliance training. If your sector isn’t included, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for.

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Policy & Compliance in the Regulated Sector

Do you know where knowledge is lacking within your organisation? Through an analysis of how you maintain compliance with existing policies and procedures we can show you – and then tailor a training programme to fill the gaps.

More on our work with the Regulated Sector

Policy & Compliance in Law Enforcement

We’ve helped national and international law enforcement agencies deliver accredited training, making sure that when it comes to current policy and compliance regulations, everyone is up to speed.

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Policy & Compliance in the Health Sector

Through time-efficient, cost-effective, experiential learning solutions, we make it easy for healthcare partners to test compliance and implement policy to the necessary standards.

More about our work in Healthcare

Policy & Compliance in Education

In line with mandatory regulation requirements, our training platform allows you to evidence compliance and good governance in all areas of policy implementation.

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Policy & Compliance in the Government Sector

Through our our View360Global platform you can extend your training across all government departments to test the implementation of policy and compliance.

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Policy & Compliance in Civil Society

The work of Civil Society/Third Sector organisations remains subject to strict regulation in the areas of good governance. Our accredited training ensures their policies and compliance are tested in safe learning environments.

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Working in partnership with you

Together we define the training outcomes you’re looking for and weave them into learning experiences that engage your people and allows them to enjoy the journey.

Each and every training we deliver is underpinned by our key learning and development principles, along with a collaborative approach that ensures your operational needs are met.

working with you

Our approach

Set the objectives

Defining what you want to achieve and how you want to do it

Analyse and design

Understanding your current capacity and capabilities so we can design a training tailored to you

Deliver and engage

Combining innovative tech with blended learning to deliver an engaging learning experience

Measure the success

Monitoring and evaluating processes to evidence your return on expectations and investment

A proven track record

Success is measured by problems solved and with our diverse client list, there’s no ‘one solution fits all’. Find out more about how we work…

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