Network Rail

Critical incident training for the Executive Team and Senior Managers

The Challenge

Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway infrastructure and the safety of its passengers is of paramount importance. Since 2019 Colin Morgan Consulting, one of our partner companies, has been assisting the organisation to design and deliver critical incident training for its CEO, Executive Team and Senior Managers. Following the successful co-delivery of an immersive exercise using the View360 Global platform in January 2020, Colin Morgan sought the further assistance of Cognitas Global to accredit and co-design additional training to be delivered to candidates undertaking further incident management training.

How We Assisted

Working closely with Colin and his team, as a Skills for Justice (SFJ) Approved Training Centre, we accredited the Tactical Incident and Rail Incident Commanders courses. We co-designed and delivered the final exercises on the platform that were delivered both in person and remotely, which involved preparing the mixed media delivered during the exercises. As part of our SFJ responsibilities, we independently quality assured (IQA) the training delivery and assessment & evaluation materials.

What Was Achieved

Four accredited TIC and two RIC courses were delivered in June and July from Networks Rail’s Regional Training Centres which resulted in the successful completion and the certification of a number of Senior Managers. The evaluations completed by the participants evidenced the delivery of the course by Colin and his team to an exceptionally high standard which was borne out by the IQA processes. The participants were highly complementary of the View360 Global platform, recognising its potential use across the organisation. Network Rail have licenced of the platform, and we are continuing to assist Colin Morgan and Network Rail to co-design and deliver further products for them in addition to training their staff to use the platform.