Cyber Security Simulation Exercise

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Challenge the critical thinking skills of your staff in dealing with a realistic cyber attack scenario to verify that crisis planning procedures are robust and embedded in good practice. By testing the response of your organisation, it will ensure that any future crisis can be effectively mitigated and the safeguarding of your people and customers maintained.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course learners will have:

  • An understanding of the different phases of a typical cyber attack
  • An awareness of cyber threat methodologies
  • Practised their incident management response
  • Explored the variety of roles and responsibilities required in responding to such an incident.
  • Considered the requirements of a communication strategy necessary to manage the incident
  • Recognition of issues around managing stakeholders
  • Investigated actions required post-incident to return to normal business

About the course

Our experiential cyber emergency scenario simulates how a real-world situation would gradually unfold. By incrementally releasing realistic course material to participants a story will evolve prompting real-time decision making. Realistic multi-media resources will be presented to participants (individual or team based) testing decision making which is recorded on the view360global platform. The learning experience can be managed by a facilitator. Participants can be prompted where necessary without resorting to traditional talk & chalk methods. The decision-making rationale is downloadable for de-brief purposes.

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