View360 Global™

Innovative learning without geographical barriers

The recent global crisis has demonstrated that learning will change in the future.

Sending your staff away for training can be both costly and disruptive to your organisation.

Our platform can bring people from different global locations together and enable them to participate in their native language without logistical complexity.

This provides a cost-effective option, as it brings the learning to the people and significantly reduces both travel costs and employee “down” time.



Our easy to use platform drives innovative digital learning with these 6 key features


The View360 Global™ platform is easy-to-use and requires no complex IT infrastructure, just a PC, laptop or tablet. Meanwhile, our simple ‘point, click and type’ functionality keeps the emphasis on learning rather than navigating complicated operational features.


The versatile design of our platform allows for cloud-based delivery. This makes it possible for learning to take place in a local environment or remotely, with participants located anywhere in the world. This enables you to deliver cost-effective solutions that reach more people, while avoiding the disruption of offsite training days.


Use of the platform’s advanced translation API means that sessions can be conducted in over 90 languages. The ability to have multinational participants online at the same time opens up the potential for meaningful and inclusive learning across the globe.


With the potential to engage learners around the world using the inbuilt video conferencing functionality, the platform is a powerful tool for collaborative working. It brings people and teams with different skill sets together to experience and gain insights from the unique perspectives of others.


Our cloud platform uses the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to ensure your data security needs are met. All data is held in encrypted database and we only allow access via our secure APIs and private authentication server. For higher-level security workloads, we offer a private VPN solution, with dedicated servers.

Integrated Video Conferencing

View360 Global™ provides the full functionality of modern video conferencing systems. Using its in-platform functionality, View360 Global™ also enables people who speak different languages to participate more collaboratively with colleagues around the world.

Traditional in-person delivery provides facilitation to participants within the same premises who can be located in the same room, or in breakout rooms.

Learners can participate in teams or as individuals providing versatile opportunities when delivering scenarios that may require the participation of learners with different skill sets.

This may suit smaller organisations who wish to deliver single language in house collaborative training

Our integrated video conferencing functionality allows people speaking a common language to collaborate as a group whilst the learning can be facilitated from another country.

Breakout room functionality enables innovative multinational training and participation of individual or teams in 90+ languages that may have previously been a challenge to achieve.

This may be particularly suitable for global organisations, testing policy, resilience or business continuity.

Customer Service

Whether you opt for View360 Global™ licencing plan or choose to work with us on a consultancy basis, we provide comprehensive support.

All our clients receive dedicated training on the technical use of the platform, as well as course design and delivery methodologies at no extra cost.

Our Account Management System, accessible through our website provides clients with the ability to monitor usage, customise users, obtain technical assistance and access online tutorials.